jumping in puddlesTarmac have developed a product that has the potential to suck the joy from childhood. Remember splashing through puddles? Such joy! But now, whilst it's no fun to be heading out for the day and ending-up with wet feet, there are bigger problems that come from pools of water.

As our cities grow, so does the amount of impermeable surfaces. This means that each time it rains, the water, instead of being absorbed into the dirt, will collect on concrete or tarmac. Whilst some areas have good drainage and carry the water off through pipes or channels, if it rains heavily, or if the area is older and not well-drained, the water will sit getting deeper, causing access issues or even damaging surrounding areas.

Climate change predicts that some areas will experience increasingly warmer and wetter weather, so many experts believe we will be seeing increased flooding. Technologies such as Tarmac's 'Topmix Permeable' has the potential to make our urban built environments a lot less wet.
Problems of traditional drainage systems:
Surface water flooding - due to expansion of the urban environment using impermeable materials, placing pressure on aging stormwater systems.
Poor water quality - storm water becomes contaminated by petrol, heavy metals, and other pollutants before entering the drainage system and into watercourses.
High maintenance costs - collects small objects, sediment and other pollutants which need to be regularly cleaned out.
Reduced groundwater levels - diverting stormwater down drains reduces the level of the naturalwater table, leading to shrinkage and movement to the foundations of homes as the soil dries out.
Contamination - during heavy rain, drains can overflow, spilling their contents into the surrounds.

 How does it work?

A layer of Topmix Permeable is installed on top of an aggregate (loosely compacted) sub-base, which is laid onto undisturbed soil. For certain environments, drainage pipes can be installed into the sub-base.
permeable concrete


urban run off


An important sustainability feature of permeable concrete is that concrete itself is 100% recyclable and therefore be crushed and utilised in the manufacture of the material. Permeable concrete can be used in car parks, shopping areas, roadways, pedestrian access and sporting facilities.

But the best news is.... no more wet feet!