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PLEASE HELP me be the Face of the World Conference on Youth - vote now!
You know how hard I work for our planet. I'm a Finalist & it's all about the votes and I really need yours!
Click link, http://bit.ly/BTFvote Like page, click green box 'Environmental Protection', scroll down until you see IMOGEN WADLOW & hit Like!
Then share, share, share with your friends!  If I win the spot, I'll push hard for promoting a sustainable future on this global youth platform.
wcy imogen wadlowhttp://bit.ly/BTFvote
Voting ends 10th April 2014 (The WCY site really doesn't cope with voting via mobile phones)

We've accidently managed to wipe out our science & enviro articles whilst changing a heading. Please 'bear with', whilst we work out how to fix it. But we've brand new websites coming out VERY soon!

CLIMATE CHANGE....what's going on???
From January 12th, we're going to be in Queenstown, New Zealand with some of the world's leading climate scientists.
We'll be amongst the first to hear exactly what's really happening on our planet and will pass this immediately on to you - except we won't use crazy-difficult science terms. What's happening to ozone levels, how do volcanoes affect our climate, are gravity waves in the Antarctic Stratosphere a good thing...and what on earth is the Stratospheric Plunger?

Get up to the minute posts by hitting 'like' on our i-fink Facebook page or follow us on Twitter (planetpatrol3) and it'll be just like you're there with us. Meanwhile, head to 'Climate Science Decoded' for more info...

European Science Foundation Competition
How to convince a teenage girl to take-up Science? Well, the EU thought a film would do the trick....but it was pretty awful!
We entered the competition run by the European Science Forum to come up with our own take on girls in science.
It was a big international competition, so we're pleased to tell you 'we won'. The prize money we received will go towards giving our websites a whole new look.

Click the box to see our winning entry

It's the WWF Earth Hour page!
wwf earth hourThink you know about Earth Hour?

Send us your ideas for a sustainable future, better protection for our animal and plant species and any ideas on how to get polticians, business and industries to get cracking on ensuring our planet thrives, not just survives! We'll publish your ideas.
Click HERE for WWF Earth Hour page...

Decoding Climate Science
Decoding climate science. Ever wondered what and who to believe. Learn what's really happening as we guide you through it in a way everyone can understand.

Learn about the badger cull and sign the petition to stop it.

Where to stay in Tokyo
Tokyo is known as one of the world's most expensive places to stay. But it doesn't have to be. Here's where we recommend.

Tokyo, a travel destination full of culture, technology, fashion and the plain whacky. A place which offers both a glimpse into the future AND the past.

WWF Earth Hour
What's new about Earth Hour...did you know it's an Australian concept? Learn all about it and get your ideas for a sustainable future posted for others to learn from.

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