A subject loaded with misinformation; join us on a journey into the science of drugs; it's a trippy ride.

Humans have long found ways to enter an altered state of mind, whether for pleasure, bonding, culture or spiritual purposes. We have proof ¹ that around 400BC, bowls were used in South America to inhale cohoba, a bean of the mimosa plant. But the natural world offers many plants with similar properties such as mescal beans and peyote cacti. It's quite likely that even in the Stone Age they were using fungi to get high.

Drugs today are generally highly synthesised, created in garages rather than harvested from nature. Information on drugs is often biased, so here's the science of drugs based on extensive research.

¹ Research of Quetta Kaye, of University College London, and Scott Fitzpatrick, of North Carolina State University; 2008.


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