There’s so much pressure to head straight to university from school. After all, you want to get ahead in your chosen career right? Getting a degree under your belt and being amongst the first in the job queue of your year would seem a smart thing to do. Parents might be concerned that you’re losing valuable time and that if you don’t enroll straight away, you might never want to go back to study. Gap years used to have a reputation as being a rich kids way of having a bit of fun before settling down to work, but we reckon taking a gap year is starting to make a lot more sense for many reasons. We both launched into university life and, well…..with mixed results. Our reasons for not taking a gap year were:

  • not much money
  • we were a year younger than our school year group
  • we knew what we wanted to study (sort of)
  • we’d been too busy studying to plan anything.

In hindsight, one of us wishes we’d had a gap year and the other one is glad they went straight to uni, but is ready now for a gap year. Which just proves what a personal thing it is…so don’t let anyone tell you that one choice is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.So…. here’s some articles to help YOU make the right choice.


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