Aquatic Life

Aquatic life embraces all the plants, animals and other organisms that live in our oceans, rivers, lakes and wetlands.


Reefs & Cays

Coral reefs are the most diverse and beautiful of all marine habitats, yet these fragile ecosystems are under threat and...
devil rays

Fish & other Critters

There is a gobsmacking 32,700 species of fish inhabiting our rivers, lakes and oceans at the last count. Then there are ...

Aquatic Mammals

Like humans, aquatic mammals such as beavers, dolphins and whales are warm-blooded, have hair or fur, breathe air throug...

Aquatic Plants

Adapted to live in water, they can never venture too far from the surface, for that's where their source of energy lies....

Deep Sea Life

Deep down in the dark abyss there lives bizarre creatures that have strange habits and have a nightmarish appearance....