Sumatran Tiger

Stunning aren't they? Enjoy the photo - there's only around 400 of them left.
They cling to life in small areas of forest on Sumatra, which is part of Indonesia, a country known for it's rapid deforestation. In the past 12 years, Indonesia cut down ancient forests the size of Ireland to make way for palm oil plantations. Together with poaching to supply the Chinese traditional 'medicine' market, their numbers are so low that it's unlikely they will survive much longer in the wild. Already, the Caspian, Javan, Balinese, and South China tigers are gone forever from this planet because of man.


Sumatran males measure around two metres (6.8 ft) from head to tail and weigh in about 136 kg (300 lb). Females are smaller. They're the smallest of tiger species, with thinner stripes and, unlike the others, they have webbed toes which makes them surprisingly powerful and fast swimmers. You definitely wouldn't want one of these cats after you..and they eat anything that moves!

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