It used to be a case of crusing down to your travel agent for them to book your holiday for you, and whilst that’s still an option, you can also opt to go it alone and book things yourself. You might save some money on the DIY option, but it only takes one slip in the itinerary for the whole trip to implode. It also depends on where you’re travelling to. Travel agents not only have plenty of hard to come-by information, they’re also in the position to pull out all the stops to fix the unfixable if things go pear-shaped. But travel is more than flights and somewhere to stay – travelling without insurance is unthinkable, then there’s paying for the trip and how will you plan it? Plenty of info to guide you through the process with a couple of back-up plans thrown in.


Accommodation Guide

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You have some options...head down to your local travel agent or DIY online. But all online sites are not created equal ...